Retirement System
Investment Returns

The state's Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission conducts an annual valuation of the Weymouth Retirement System, based on the previous year's investment performance.

Fund Managers

Our retirement Board employs a number of investment professionals to prudently invest the assets of the system.

Fund Managers 6/30/12

Aberdeen Asset Management
Acadian Asset Management LLC
Advent Capital Management
The Boston Company Asset Management LLC
Brandywine Global Investment Management LLC
Constitution Capital Partners
Earnest Partners LLC
HarbourVest Partners LLC
Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation
Loomis, Sayles & Company
PENN Capital Management Co., Inc.
PRIM Board
RhumbLine Advisers
State Street Global Advisors
Westfield Capital Management
William Blair & Company LLC
Pension Assets
Short Term Liquidity
Gov't Cash Fund State Street 1.70%
Fixed Income
Core Plus Fixed Income Bradford & Marzec 15.12%
Global Bond Brandywine 1.89%
PPIF Advent 1.53%
Total 18.54%
Domestic Equity
S&P 500 Index Fund RhumbLine Advisers 12.44%
Large Cap. High Alpha The Boston Co. 7.67%
Large Cap. Growth Westfield Capital 8.54%
Small-Mid Cap PENN Capital 4.79%
Small-Mid Cap Loomis Sayles 4.91%
Total 38.35%
International Equity
Core International Equity Earnest Ptnrs. 7.38%
International Equity Aberdeean 7.59%
International Small Cap William Blair 1.07%
Acadian 1.06%
Total 17.10%

Inflation Protection SSgA 3.65%
Private Equity Fund of Funds INVESCO 3.50%
Ironsides(Constitution) 1.20%
HarbourVest 0.07%
Core Real Estate PRIT 8.99%
Intercontinental 0.59%
Hedge Fund of Funds PRIT 6.31%
Total 20.66%
Board Members

Under M.G.L. Chapter 32, Municipal retirement systems are governed by a five-member board, which is independent of the local government. Each board has two members representing the municipal government, two members elected by the system's membership, and a fifth member, who is appointed by the other four members, and who is not a member of the retirement system.


This report presents the results of the January 1, 2014 actuarial valuation of the Weymouth Retirement System by Stone Consulting. Download the report by clicking here.

The system's Annual Statement may also be downloaded by clicking here.