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Under M.G.L. Chapter 32, Municipal retirement systems are governed by a five-member board, which is independent of the local government. Each board has two members representing the municipal government, two members elected by the system's membership, and a fifth member, who is appointed by the other four members, and who is not a member of the retirement system.

Board Members:

Patrice A. Cook Ex-Officio Member Member by Statute Town Accountant
Joseph L. Davis Elected Member Term Expires June 30, 2016 Deputy Fire Chief
Gregory P. Hargadon, Chairman Mayor’s Appointee Term Expires June 30, 2017 Boston Globe Employee
Richard J. Hayes Elected Member Term Expires December 31, 2017 Retired Police Detective
Joseph A. Connolly Appointed by the Board Term Expires November 18, 2015 Norfolk County Treasurer

Staff Members:

  • Jo-Ann C. Anti, Director
  • Jennifer A. Miller, Assistant Director